My name is Lynn Jowers and I live in 'The Wilderness' a small village on the beautiful 'Garden Route' coast of South Africa.

For me the interest in miniatures began more than 20 years ago with the purchase of a partly built dollhouse at a street auction at Spilsby in England.

 Although I did not add much to that dollhouse; it did light the fire in me to build my own design of dollhouse and some of the furniture.

When making miniature furniture my intention has always been to make items that not only look correct at 1/12th scale, but, are also made in the same way as full-size furniture.

You will see from some of the photographs that where a bed should have a 'mortise and tenon' joint; so have mine. It is the same with cupboards, boxes and storage chests; if the original furniture used mitre joints; I will use mitre joint also, that is the reason why I use the word 'Perfectly' in my title name.

Relief carving makes my work unique at 1/12th scale and is especially appreciated by both serious collectors and those who commission furniture from me.

If you have comments or ideas for furniture, please write to me, I always enjoy contact with miniaturists.

My email address is:-

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Baby Cradle made from Mahogany with hand painted floral decoration.

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